Our Nest

The Akay Fund

A scalable multi-stakeholder disaster risk and sustainability financing initiative to empower communities and help every stakeholder bounce forward better.

The Sulong Bayanihan App

A web-based application for networking and collaboration among social impact investors, micro, small, medium enterprises and social development agents.

ResilienTalk The Podcast

A continuing conversation on matters that relate to the way we prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from hazard and disaster events.

Resilience Reporting

Voluntary disclosures of disaster risk and resilience interventions by private and public institutions for better appreciation of the organization’s ability to bounce forward.

Resilience Virtual Caravan

Online roundtable discussion with community stakeholders (MSMEs, government, NGOs, CSOs, community leaders, concerned individuals) to identify gaps and opportunities in disaster risk reduction and management.

Resilience Programming App

A comprehensive IT system for programming resilience into an organization’s operations from  assessment up to year-end review covering all areas of the Resilience Programming Framework.

The Disaster Resilience Rating For Hotels

The first industry co-created system for assessing, evaluating, and publicly disclosing levels of disaster resilience of hotels in the Philippines.

The Resilient

A monthly magazine featuring latest trends and developments on disaster risk and crisis management as well as stories of resilience from across the country.

Resilience Roadmapping for LGUs

A strategic planning session anchored on developing short, medium and long term disaster resilience goals, plans, tactics, and approaches.

Resilience PH Air Force

Institutionalizing disaster resilience in the Philippine Air Force following the Resilience Programing Framework.


Integration of key principles and frameworks of disaster risk reduction and management into the scouting movement in the Philippines.


Supplementary emergency medical services to augment capacities and resources of public and private institutions grounded on information, process, resource and policy sharing.


Programming resilience in an organization that covers all stakeholders (employees, third party providers, industry partners, LGU agencies, community) and touches on all aspects of operations.


Initiative to document and present emerging trends, approved health and safety protocols, best practices, and innovation in ensuring safety and well-being of people at work before, during, and after any hazard event.

Manual of Resilient Operations

A detailed document covering the specific policies, programs, tools, systems, and training elements of Asset Protection and Risk Management, Business Continuity, Disaster Reduction, Opportunity and Crisis Management, and Resilience Communications.


A community empowerment initiative against natural and man-made hazards grounded on multi-stakeholder collaboration and resource sharing.

Camp Resilient

Customized team building workshops anchored on unifying members of defined organizational units, addressing issues and challenges in group dynamics at work and building morale through physical and mental exercises centered on disaster resilience frameworks.

ResilienTalk WAW – Webinars and Workshops

Free and paid, set and customizable, webinars and workshops designed to build awareness on relevant topics and inspire support for our resilience programming advocacy.

ResilienTalk UNMASKING

A special event centered on presenting to the public or to a specific target audience reviews of recent developments or programs with the objective of surfacing and sharing learnings and opportunities for improvement.

Resilient OSH

Integrating the principles of disaster resilience into occupational safety and health protocols to prevent loss of life, minimize damages, injuries and harm and enable the organization to bounce forward better and faster.


A multi-stakeholder campaign to build the capacities of tourism stakeholders (as individuals, as groups, as a whole) to prevent, mitigate, prepare, respond to and recover from any and all identified potential disasters.


Building the individual resilience of public school teachers through affordable and sustainable disaster risk financing and other strategic intervention

The Philippine Journal of Disaster Resilience

A quarterly publication of peer reviewed articles on disaster risk reduction, management, and resilience.

Business Resilience Ratings System

The BRRS aims to create a mechanism of assessment, measurement, and comparison of companies’ business resiliency
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