The world we live in is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous — changes happen rapidly; many things are unpredictable; everything is interconnected, and interpretations are subjective. Under this reality, we…Continue readingVUCA

Resilience Programming Framework

Programming resilience into a system requires developing specific policies, programs, processes, capabilities, and resources that will contribute to its overall ability to bounce back better from a shock. These five…Continue readingResilience Programming Framework

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What We Do

In this volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world, our communities and our way of life are constantly at risk. We need to co-create a sustainable way forward that would allow us to maximize opportunities while managing threats.

Consultancy Services

Resilience Programming (APRM, BCP, DRR, Crisis Management, Risk Communication)

Trainings and Workshops

Capacity building on key disaster risk management areas ─ prevention, preparation, response, recovery


Evaluation of policies, programs, and plans based on emerging resilience standards

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Who We Are

Resilient.PH is a multi-platform social enterprise committed to advancing resilience programming across communities and institutions in the Philippines

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Exploring Partnerships In Calatagan

The reality is, some of the great disaster risk reduction and management programs and interventions get discontinued for the very simple reason that it was not the project of the current person in charge. We hope to work with LGUs across the country to protect great programs from changes in personnel, while also helping stakeholders identify opportunities for improvement.…Continue readingExploring Partnerships In Calatagan

Events Highlights

Resilient Occupational Health and Safety Cascade at the Insurance Commission

Better organizations invest in the safety and well-being of its employees while the rest settle for the bare minimum requirement of the law. In the end, those who implement a robust OSH program that is more than just compliance, cultivate a working environment that is generally more resilient and productive. …Continue readingResilient Occupational Health and Safety Cascade at the Insurance Commission