About Us

Resilient.PH is a social enterprise, a movement, an advocacy, a multi-dimensional platform for networking and collaboration all rolled into one, that is stubbornly dedicated to the singular objective of making all communities in the Philippines genuinely resilient.

As a social enterprise, Resilient.PH maximizes opportunities for partners and collaborators to positively impact communities while generating a healthy return on their contributions.

As a movement, Resilient.PH consolidates efforts from all willing and committed parties to innovate existing processes, systems and structures to transform communities.

As an advocacy, Resilient.PH builds on the principles of sustainable development and disaster preparedness to drive meaningful conversations across stakeholders to mainstream the resilient lifestyle.

As a platform for networking and collaboration, Resilient.PH ignites sharing of relevant data and information across individuals and groups to mobilize programs and projects.


To outlive our necessity in a genuinely inclusive, sustainable and resilient world.


To spark conversation, inspire transformation and ignite collaboration that builds resilience – everyday.