Mountain Springs Dry Up in Negros Occidental’s Remote Villages

The municipality of Moises Padilla in Negros Occidental is facing an urgent water crisis as officials discovered that mountain springs in the remote villages of Inolingan and Macagahay have dried up. The once resilient communities are now struggling to cope with the crippling effects of the prolonged dry spell, exacerbated by the El Nino phenomenon that has gripped the country since 2023.

Mayor Ella Celestina Garcia-Yulo expressed deep concern over the situation, highlighting the immediate need for drinking water in these mountain barangays. The distressing reality of depleted water sources has left residents grappling for survival in an increasingly hostile environment characterized by rising temperatures and arid weather conditions.

The picturesque landscapes of Inolingan and Macagahay have now become the front lines in Moises Padilla’s battle against the water crisis. Urgent measures are being considered to address the dire situation and support the affected communities.