Resilient Occupational Safety and Health (ROSH): Pushing the Boundaries

At some point, the pandemic will end and tourism will resume. And while many hotels and allied business are struggling with the impact of travel restrictions, there is a real need to start mobilizing the accommodation sector to win back the confidence of clients and guests.

When business resumes, clients and guests will be more particular with the safety and health measures of hotels than before the pandemic. Safety will be a primary consideration, together with amenities, services, costs, etc.

By inspiring health and safety improvements in Philippine hotel operations, and consequently the rest of the tourism industry, more foreign tourist maybe inclined to consider the Philippines as their top travel destination after the pandemic.

A hotel will not be able to effectively convince clients and guests of their safety and health measures, if their own employees do not feel confident about the implementation of OSH.

This is the rationale that drives the Resilient Occupational Safety and Health (ROSH): Pushing the Boundaries—organized by Resilient.PH, in collaboration with Philippine Hotel Owners Association, Inc. (PHOA)—in celebration of the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

The objective of the forum is to help the Philippines’ hospitality industry prepare for the resumption of tourism operations by raising awareness on the need to improve occupational safety and health (OSH) – beyond mere compliance.

ROSH-PTB aims to help hotels in the country to jumpstart on winning back the confidence of clients and guests by showcasing resolve to improve OSH implementation.

Resilient Occupational Safety and Health (ROSH): Pushing the Boundaries

The ROSH-PTB is a two (2) hour free online public forum on OSH Beyond Compliance for the Hospitality Industry in the Philippines to be held on Wednesday, 28 April 2021 from 9am to 11am (GMT+8) via Zoom.

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Let’s bounce forward better and push the boundaries beyond mere compliance for a safer and healthier workplace.