Iloilo City’s “Oplan Bulig Tubig Sa Syudad” Extends Water Rationing to 35 Barangays

Iloilo City’s response to water scarcity, “Oplan Bulig Tubig Sa Syudad,” has expanded its coverage to encompass 35 barangays facing water shortages. Initially launched in 25 affected barangays, the initiative has successfully delivered 186,900 liters of water as of May 5. This expansion comes as the city government intensifies efforts to alleviate the impact of drought on its residents.

Engineer Neil Ravena, head of the Iloilo City General Services Office (GSO), revealed that additional water distribution would commence on May 10, utilizing resources from a PHP12.6 million quick response fund. Suppliers like Metro Pacific Iloilo Water (MPIW) and South Balibago Waterworks have committed to providing 696 cubic meters of water daily, ensuring a minimum allocation of 15 liters per person per day.

While emphasizing the safety of the water provided by the city government, Ravena urged residents to exercise caution regarding the containers used to store water. He advised boiling water as a precaution against contamination from individual containers.

To address water scarcity further, Ravena recommended that barangays invest in static tanks for ample water storage. This proactive approach aims to secure a continuous water supply for constituents amid ongoing challenges.

In related developments, South Balibago Waterworks assured continued monitoring of its treatment plant in Barangay Bongco, Pototan, following a recent salt intrusion incident. Although the total dissolved solids (TDS) temporarily exceeded acceptable levels, the water remains safe for consumption after treatment. Public caution is advised until TDS levels are normal, aligning with the Philippine National Standard for Drinking Water.